Friday, May 6, 2011

Me, May Vegi First Week

Dear All,

it was the first week of my challange and i again am proud to say that i did it:)
Not eating any meat was not the most challanging step, but cooking! Normally, when i go out, i eat either pasta or chicken/meat(sooo not French style!). Since, i started to eat pasta a lot at work(we have a little kitchen and we cook pasta almost everyday:D ) and also at home(we have even smaller kitchen) and since i don't eat meat any more(only weekdays), i cook at home.

If you were my friend, you would know what it means to me! My relation with cooking is so simple that as a principle, i don t cook meals which have more than 3 ingredients including salt. Life is hard, you know... So hard that it forced me to cook with 4,5 even 6 ingredients. But it is also nice to know that the output is fairly well... at least eatable. (Roomie laughs)

i ll tell you further stories about my vegi-life. But can't promise for tomorrow... Tomorrow is Sunday!!

Reasons to be happy:

1) i discovered my ability to cook deep inside! was very hidden though!
2) i succeed being vegeterian! in me i trust(sounds so pathetic and ironic, right:P)
3) i talked to JOY! JOOOOY, it was great talking to you again!


PS: People check One Young World's website!