Friday, February 18, 2011

BOSS talks!

Dear All,

Today i talked to my boss! Yes, i was planning to talk to him since... i started to call aaaaall those firms! Finally today, i had chance to have a meeting! i wish i would not be that sick and would tell the words more clearly at least without coughing intensely... But this is not the topic:)

i wanted to talk to him because in my opinion, our foundation was not doing that well when it comes to sustainability even though we are the foundation for sustainability.

You know i wanted to be more motivated about what i do at work. i am glad to say that, we have been doing something for being more sustainable. i just did not know! He told me our office and the other one which is in another city are working to establish a sustainability plan. He also told me, we had kind of fax system that doesn t let fax to be printed. Instead, all faxes directly pop up on the main screen of our foundation. So, it is paperless. i also asked him why we don t sending forms via mail instead of fax. His answer was clear: They tried, they failed. Culturally, we take more serious when something comes as paper and not electronically! i can t blame him! Yet still, i believe that sometimes you need to be more pushy! Yes, i m getting obsessed with fax!

i am more relaxed! i am motivated enough to call that 100 thousand firms for update! and he is also convinced that there should be a system within foundation that employees can be informed and updated about the foundation itself!

Reasons to be happy:

1) i still can breath!
2) i saw "xerox" has a new strategy that it changes its products more to digital papers! so, sooner, there may not be and printer or fax machine!
3) i got accepted from all universities that i have applied for masters! last step: finding the scholarship:)