Thursday, April 28, 2011

New things and being GraTeful!

Dear All,

i was at home for the last 5 days. i mean in my hometown. i turned on PC so few times. i guess this is the one of the main differences being in Istanbul and being in hometown: the way of communication.

mums don t use PC and my best-sister-ever sister is not mad about being "online". So, in adana, our way of communication is talking. In istanbul, it is chatting...

i neither can say, i miss my old-good-PCless days, nor i want to "chat" with mum. i mean i love the time, place and the mood i m in... by nature! That keeps me always happy!

Yet, that does not prevent me to change some staff.

1) i ll read book without turning on computer for an hour.
2) i ll start experiencing "vegetarian weekdays" in May! (that is sooo not related to internet or computer. It is about consumption.)
3) i ll research more!(last call for Roomie!H-E-L-P)

Reasons to be happy:

1) grateful to meet aaaaall people that i have met till now!
2) grateful to born into my family!
3) grateful to be happy:)