Tuesday, January 18, 2011

GEF- Thanksgiving Post

Dear All,

Yesterday, Li, ElI and i had a skype meeting. It was a catch up meeting and ElI made it possible to feel i was again in Brussels. i was soo excited with the projects that i was doing, so i guess i was even faster than normal-times me. However, as we did in Brussels, it was supposed to be a slowing down process. i felt like an arrogant student who thinks she knows every possible question and does not bother to stop herself. Ok, i ll skip this part, because there are some other good news that i want to tell. i ll continue my inside talk later (silently).

Since we were 12 representatives in Brussels, it might be easy to be in contact. But you know, after everyone turns back to their lifes, although you keep talking about amazing days you spent there, you might not be that eager to share with the people who organized that workshop; how grateful you are, what you experienced there, how it changed your attitudes. Unlike any other seminars that i was part of, they did not let that workshop be in the memories only. Therefore, that was an important skype meeting.

ElI told us that LeA is working on our workshop metarials to come up with a concrete summary. Later than, we will use them as base source to answer "So, what is green/ sustainable enterpreneurship?!". Besides, there may be a facilitation workshop in summer. YAY!

Lastly, i ll write about open sources and open innovation tomorrow!

Reasons to be happy:

1) It is great to know there are other people who spend aminute to think about how valuable the experiences we have.
2) It is great to feel breathless! Although it seems fake sometimes:)
3) It is great to write 100th post!YAY!!