Monday, January 17, 2011


Dear All,

Yes! i was at the mall yesterday. It was really gooooddd!! There were two shifts and we had 2 meetings seperately with around 45 people each time. Yes, someone needs to be at the food court while some others are at the meeting:)

Good things:
1) People who work enjoyed!
2) i enjoyed a lot!
3) It was really interactive and at the end everybody had chance to say or perform something at least for once.
4) They seemed convinced to do it properly, although they have some question marks about rush-hours!
5) i have further plans about malls!

Less good things:
1) Despite of being convinced, their priority is to finish work on time with lesser effort. i guess they need to be motivated more!
2) Doing seperation in less rush hours and letting it go at the weekends seem normal, rational and as it is right way to do to workers and their supervisors. Reinforcement and improved monitoring system may help to increase turnover.

Reasons to be happy:

1) Seeing an article about "25 ways to be more creative" on a newspaper while it is raining heavily and you are not in a good mood since it is just 9am and you have to be awake on Sunday morning.
2) Reading that article, and realizing that all things that you do to postpone your other works triggers your creativity! YAY!! i ll stay as i am!!
3) Having had an eye-opening talk with aunt BET while drinking tea, in the same heavily raining weather!! Priceless!

Hope you enjoy your life as much as i do mine!