Monday, May 2, 2011

May, Me Weekday Vegeterian!

Dear All,

i know i had a loooong break from my challanges. it was not because i lost my motivation... it was just because i was doing soo well that i couldn t make it better!
Of curse, i m kidding and yes, i was questioning if all will help me to understand the meaning of... As you see, i still could not find in what i m digging for meaning...

But anyways, there are peole who already found the meaning of their actions. i am happy that one of those persons is a BF of my EZ, and since we talk a lot, we also talk about him and his "vegan" stance. He is a full time vegan, and more than that he is an "aware" person. Why do they say that right? i mean only being vegan deserves respect(seriously hard!) but he also cares environmental point which the Carbon Footprint comes on the stage!

Normally, the philosophy of not eating animals is not to kill animals. i m sure you heard a lot about that and other important reasons that can turn you to be vegan immediately. Especially, when you combine that animal rights views with the wild economical truths which just cause the torture for animals. About those arguments, i ll ask him to write here some day.

It was pretty shocking for me to hear, eating meat also increases the carbon footprint even more than travelling with plane! So, you can decrease the C emission by not eating meat. However, there is a controversial argument which claims what you replace with meat has as huge C footprint as meat. Because, it is mostly soya replaces meat but it is processed which is an alert as well. Therefore, he is not eating any processed food as well. What can i say?!RESPECT!

Unfortunately, i am not that dedicated: i ll be only weekday vegeterian! It is for now, my best! Let's see, how i ll manage it:))