Monday, April 4, 2011

Feeling the Change!

Dear All,

As i told you, i went to interview with the institution for the scholarship. Hopefully, it will be positive. No worries, i ll definitely let you know about the outcome:P

i am feeling the change in my mindset, these days. During the interview they asked me what i think about growth and environment. i read about the discussions and actually experience everyday that everything else means nothing when it comes to growth. Especially in developing countries. Even saying this bugs me. Caring environment and thinking sustainably still seem like "someone"s responsibility. That someone should have solved all other problems in their countries so they have chance/time to think about some less important problems like environment.

Does it seem weird only to me? Definitely not! i am happy to say there are many organizations which make these issues more visible. Not only environment, but also others which considered as NGO people's problems. i ll tell you about the project that my beloved friend Tbs initiated when we were in Brussels, soooon!

Reasons to be happy:

1) Weather whispers it is the time to sit with your blanket and to drink something hot(preferably herb tea:)... and watch romantic movies!
2) i feel the change in my life, in my people's lives and in the world. feels refreshing although sometimes painful! (but i m still happy:P)
3) i read a book!