Saturday, February 26, 2011

SOGLA- Social Entrepreneurship!

Dear All,

Today was a great day! SOGLA, foundation for Social Entrepreneurs, organized a workshop about... Yes! Sustainability!!

We were around 40 people and divided into 6 groups! i was, as always, so lucky about my group. They were all soo nice and i am soo excited about the project that we prepared! The project is to establish a center to write sustainability plans for universities and set a platform to make municipalities and universities come together. We even though of budget and how to finance our project! Probably, we may not be able to start tomorrow; but still... Who knows!

Btw, after i started writing my blog, i saw my EZ online on skype and we started to talk of course. Some things never change! She sent me that link. You may find it interesting!

Reasons to be happy:

1) i am a lucky girl!
2) You never know what the life is planning for you!
3) Go green! Be a social entrepreneur!!