Sunday, May 8, 2011

Challenge Extended!, Me, May Vegi Month

Dear All,

On Friday, i got a mail from my cousin asking me that if i really became weekday vegi. i was proudly said "Yes!". Then she smiled and wrote me back "Dear, we don't eat meat more than 2 days a week anyways. Does it matter if you eat it on wednesday or sunday?". Although i think scheduling the time that you eat meat can make you more diciplined in a way('cos you should stop yourself if it is not on weekend), corbon footprint of yours would not be lesser.

Soooo, new challenge is accepted! Just to let you know: i did not eat meat this weekend as well.

About being vegeterian, my concern is not about eating animals. i mean, probably because i did not read that much about the topic and because i still don t know the whole picture, i make myself relieved by believing its our nature to eat meat. So what bugs me about eating animals is how they are treated till they become our burger. i am sure you already heard about the stories of chickens and cows which are processed to be sold in fast food chains. They don't have space to move a bit. Lights are on so still not time to sleep but be fed and get bigger... faster and faster. Hormans they take... Food they eat... People, unfortunately, these are not stories but the pure reality. And it is done to serve us cheaper food.
Besides,what we eat is not healthy at all.

So, challenge extended.