Thursday, January 13, 2011

Good News!

Dear All,

These days deserve to be recorded! Finally, i become busy again like in old days:)

i am busy with the project i told you about shopping mall. Today, i was there! Everyone was so kind. They let me to see backstreets of that mall. i should say, i underestimate what has done about recycling in malls. In the one that i went today, they already have infrastructure. Of course, there is still room for improvement, especially about increasing awareness of workers who collect garbage. However, other than this part, they already have signs, seperate boxes for different kind of wastes, and experienced board members.

Soooooooo, i ll go there again on Saturday to have further info and we ll organize kind of workshop for employees on Sunday!!! Seems like my dream is becoming true! YAY!

Also, we started to write project proposal of book-cycling event with Heys for the school where she is working currently! i ll write the details of that project if it works. So, be ready to read within 2 weeks! Yes, we are more like "doers"! That will be a greeeaaatt project! Can't wait to see happy faces of children! (i and Heys probably will be happier than kids for sure!)

i can t stop smiling due to some other things, but i ll tell them later. Now, i need to talk to my EZ:)

Reasons to be happy:

1) i again find the best place with best people!
2) My students like my classes:)
3) i am surrounded by people who i love!
4) i have plans to travel... for new experiences again!!

Keep fingers crossed!