Friday, February 11, 2011

memory sticks VS e-mail!!

Dear All,

This week was full of reunions! One of them was with EcE. We were talking about my fragile world mostly related to environment. (Surprised?)

It may seem a bit contradictory to my previous post, but using internet pollutes air as much as airplanes. (Surprised?) Well, i was surprised when i first read it and i wrote it i guess before. Somehow, i still did not understand why exactly it emits that amount of CO2 but everytime when you google, when you check your mails, when you visit a website, what-so-ever you do, you pollute.

How did we start talking about that? i told my friend that i wanted to use USB to transfer files from my colluge's PC. it is weird to receive a mail from someone who sits next to you. Besides, i d prefer travelling if my carbon footprint will rise anyways. Belive me,we transfer files many times. So, everytime when i download a file from my mail box, i feel like i do something bad that i could prevent with a little effort.

Lessons to be learned:

1) no matter what, more use than enough is harmful. (i don t like admitting it as well!)
2) meeting friends makes life always better! Great thanks to EcE, SignoraChloe and my dearest Fa!
3) love!