Monday, October 3, 2011

Tea and its relaxing effect

Dear All,

Every day is different than the previous one. Not because my activities changed, but me.

I have always been in peace with myself. I always thought -and it would be approved by many close friends, especially by my Roomie- I am content with whatever life brings to me. Even though there were some really hard times.

What i m realizing now is... Last year, without noticing that time, i went along with my "growing pains". It did not hurt... not as much as i expected. To be honest, i did not know that i was growing up. Probably, i ll keep changing since life is full of new experiences, new people, new ways.

Today was a looong day. It was nice though. Making new friends and seeing that i am lucky about friends... Hope it ll always be the same.

Now, i am home, had my dinner with my chopsticks which MTD brought me from China. It s been a while i could not feel like listening to Norah Jones- Come Away With Me(There was no problem with other songs). Today is that day. i am having my tea, listening to "come away wiith me"...

Life is beautiful!
i love my purple nail polish!!


PS: i know i m not posting any sustainability related thing, but i guess it is because i hear the word every day and do loots of readings about that. No complains:)