Monday, April 11, 2011

When you feel depressed...

Dear All,

As you may notice,i am generally an optimistic person. Unfortunately not these days. Not only because our "lovely" government pushes toooo hard to build a nucleer plant near my hometown regardless of its habitants' demonstrations, not only because i am not able to start doing any of my projects, not only because i become more and more aware that the life is not fair and the system is just reproducing itself that you feel paralyzed!

BUT... it is like a black hole once you start thinking in that way. i remind myself each and everytime when i feel at the edge, "doing things change things. not doing things leave things as they were". i am not sure about the first part but the second part is totally right!

This was a sentence my dear roomy told me, most probably from somewhere that she has watched, read, listened to...(this is almost equal to half of the whole world's data sources). She told me because, she doesn't want me to lose my hope even though she already did(she is a social science student:S)!

Well, i can't dissappoint my roomy right?

Reasons to be happy:

1) i have a walking-wikipedia, but updated version! She talks:)))
2) i again checked environment websites to feel better... it helps:))
3) i have an exam on Wednesday and i feel the last minute motivation is just around the corner:P