Thursday, February 10, 2011

To FAX or not to FAX! C'mon (2)

Dear All,

These days, things are... like you eat lemon, sour taste passes away from your mouth,but keeps its influence whenever you think of it!

Sending fax to many firms makes me feel like that. Not only i m going crazy to hear that "sending.." voice, not only i m calling each of them to confirm if it is received, not only it takes loong, loooonng, looooooooong... but also, i would like to "kindly" say something to the firms: "It is already hard for me!Please, don t make it harder for us!"

To whom it may concern,

Sending fax is old fashion even though you think it is more official. And you know, there is a new(!) way to send something: E-MAIL! Have you heard of that? i mean, not to judge you, but it has many advantages: 1)It is more silent 2) You can be sure that it is sent. 3) It is easier to send. 4) It is easier for recipients to forward it to responsible people.

Moreover, and for me the most important, you don t waste any paper! i m sure you heard of TREEs, that green creatures! They would be sooooooo grateful if you stopped cutting them for nonsense use.

Lessons to be learned:

1) Deep breathe! note to myself!!
2) Be careful when you use paper!!!
3) Be breave about new(!) ways before they become out!