Monday, January 24, 2011

ACCUSED!!(Trias Energica & Thriller Video)

Dear All,

As i mentioned before, YsN sent me a mail explaining a rising issue in energy use. TRIAS ENERGICA. I copied directly from their site not to give any misleading info.

The 3 elements of Trias Energetica are:

1. Reduce the demand for energy by avoiding waste and implementing energy-saving measures;

2. Use sustainable sources of energy like wind, solar power and water;

3. Use fossil fuel energy as efficiently as possible and only if sustainable sources of energy are inadequate.

For more info, you know what to do:)

About that "reducing" part, i want to say something from my side: i m getting crazy. On Friday, my colleague BsK sent me a video that she thought i might like. i like TED Talks, and this one is about the journey of a plastic bottle. Not hard to guess, it tells you how "you" are affected but,more impoartantly, how "poorer people" are affected. Poorer people part was interesting and disturbing like Haneke's films. He, the speaker, with a bit of accusation, told that "You think you are a better person when you carry your plastic bottle to the recycling boxes. i am sorry you are not! You already use a bottle!"

Am i too sensitive these days? Ok, maybe it is normal me that i m abnormal. At least my roomie thinks so!


1) i still don t do shopping! i m writing this part most because this is the part that i have done best!
2) i ll not be around after Wednesday! miss me:)
3) i ll definitely clean my closet when i m back and give everything away! (note to my self!)