Sunday, May 22, 2011

Quarter Life Crisis

Dear All,

This is a pretty personal post but i don t think that you are reading this blog because you want to hear something about environment. If so, thank you but probably this post would not be your interest. (But you still can continue to read my so-called quarter life crisis) If not, you can keep reading because even i start writing up my quarter life crisis, it may end with happy end.

As you know i m going hopefully to UK next year for my master which i was dying to be accepted at the beginning... then dying to get a scholarship. And now, seems like i did it. And that brings us to the point where i question myself about my capabilities.
was i like this before or did it just start with the university?

Normally, compare to some very precious people, i don t think too much. But, compare to some, i think extremely a lot. Not always about important things. Actually rarely about them. Anyways, whenever i start thinking like that, it goes to the point i find myself questioning what is good, important, bad, what is happiness... God, even the philosophers could not get any answers to those, who am i to find the answers?
Should it be about finding answers btw?

Whatever, i think its just today s thoughts. Probably tomorrow i ll feel like a totally different person with a real smile on my face.

But how come i feel soooo tired that i want to retire before start working? Will i find something sooo matching with me? my interests? Shouldn t these be the questions of 17-year-old me?

Wish me luck people! i need this!


PS: My very dear JOY wrote something very joyful and helpful! Believe me better than this post!