Friday, January 21, 2011

HerO vs TribE

Dear All,

Sometimes it is really amazing how the things are connected. AnU, my talented, creative friend from GreEn Forum posted a TED-talk on our website. You have nice time for 20 min when you watch. This was about how things/ market conditions changed since Henry Ford and how we can spread the thoughts. However, it is also about if we should spread our thoughts to everyone. Should we do all the work alone? Be a leader and teach everyone? From one to many? Instead, the new way of doing things is suggested: TRIBES.

We all live in a community who want to be in contact with each other. It can be folk group, firemen, dad club what-so-ever. So, don t try to tell everyone, just find people who cares without pushing. i don t know if it is a dream, but if not -even if it is-,i m into it! 'cos trying to convert people from who they already are is tiring.

It was somehow connected to talk we had with Si. i don t remember how we started to talk about that. HEROs. Gandhi is one of the people who inspired me when i watched a documentary film about his life. Inspiring part was he took him serious. He was really the change he wanted to see. However, he is not 'the' person for me. (MTD, there can be many 'the ONE', and you know it, we made that talk in C.P:P) i m inspired by a friend, mum, grandma, sister, a kid, a talk... Back to Gandhi, Si told me that he believes more in people who do everything silently. It isn t necessary to be well-known to change something. Try to do something around you, release your message without an intention to be active. These two are not absolute contradiction from my side.

So,let s make an experiment! i won t give you the details, actually i have just decided to make an experiment while having an inside talk so i can t.You may be the part of experiment as well. i ll tell you what i learn if i ll learn anything.

Reasons to be happy:

1) 1/7 of my applications completed! Check!
2) Special thanks to my supportive roomie!
3) Gratefull to get a comment from aunt BET and ECE!