Monday, September 26, 2011

Cheer up!

Dear Me,

You are in a soooo new place. it is normal that you checking your friends photos, searching for something familiar and feeling a little bit depressed. Oo, maybe "depressed" is very heavy to define how you feel, let s say "not didem's style happy":)

it was nice to eat 3 mandalin today!!
i ll get used to studey soon and won t look blindly to the slides... sooon!!

Have a little faith in you girl;)

Tomorrow i m gonna have a bike! i don t know why but i feel like riding bike when i m not in Turkey. Besides, i think it ll take less time to come to uni with bike:) Again, i don t know how but traffic is unbelievable here. TG, the city is small!

Anyways, have a nice sleep!