Saturday, January 15, 2011


Dear All,

As you know, i am going to shopping mall tomorrow one more time. i am curious about possible outcomes. But, there is something i feel more curious: what do municipalities want to do?

Normally, which wastes are recyclable and what cicumstances are needed are pretty known two questions. As i wrote you before, contaminated papers are not recyclable. Therefore, you need to treat them seperately. Otherwise, you can only collect very-clean wastes with paper like water bottles. It is still better than nothing but if you want to collect garbage seperately from the food court, it is impossible to recycle any other plastics like tops of Starbucks's glasses since they are already contaminated unless you collect plastics seperately.

From me to municipalities: C'mon!!!

Lessons to be learned:

1) Be prepared to be surprised!
2) Always think about other possible options!!
3) Sleep well:) (i figured out that it is one of the possible options:P)