Saturday, October 2, 2010

No Packed Food, OCTOBER! 2nd (why? seriously!!)


When i first sent that mail to Slow Food Lady, i was expecting to hear something different. To explain what and why is different, let me tell you what i was planning to hear!

Packed food means food which is packed... to ME(ok, as you see i am such a simple person:)! Which is not that related to Unpacked food! Therefore, when i asked Slow Food Lady what unpacked food was, she started her words with saying 'Let me explain what packed food is..'. Packed food is basically everything that you put no effort to consume. Cookies, biscuits, soup, icecream.. Because, all you need is just to buy, open the package, put in microwave(if it needs to be heated up) and ... Bon Apetit! However, you do not know anything about ingredients, about place where it has been produced, about time they have spent to make all these products ready for you to eat! Even if you are rational buyer (as all economists expect us to be which we - at least i- are not), it is easier to buy a packed-chips than to prepare all these ingredients: choosing potatoes one by one, peeling them, washing them, cutting them into thin slices, choosing the best olive oil to fry and washing the dirt after you prepared, and ... Bon Apetit!

Since you spend much more time to do so, you will not be willing to have chips as often and as much as you consume ready-to-eat type. However, it will be more tasty and unique chips that you can not find anywhere else.

i know what you think: what the hell!!! Right? At that point, probably i looked at the Slow Food lady with the same expression, so she wanted to explain why this is that important. She said 'We have 2 main instincts to survive in the world: reproduction and feeding. You do not pick a guy on the street to be with (i am not judging this if there are people do so*) ,so you should not eat everything you are served!'

Logic is simple... but makes sense to me! Tomorrow, i ll go with organic-biologic food!

Lessons to be learned:

1) Start peeling potatoes! C'mon, you can not give up eating chips!
2) * she did not make that explanation, it was me!
3) Packed is not the opposite of unpacked but of slowfood! So no need to rush, take it easy!