Friday, October 8, 2010

No Packed Food, OCTOBER! 7th&8th (easy life?!)


Yesterday, i had a loooonngg period of sleeping that is why i could not write how was my packed-free day which was not!

Yesterday, i woke up sooo early and i had to be out for long time which means i had to eat something out of my castle-home! At that point, i thought the same as F.D suggested/asked me if it is still ok to take our sandwiches with us. However, there was also a little problem with that since i was going to be with close cousins whom i m sure had no sandwiches with them. Unfortunately, i was i bit lazy to prepare 1 sandwich, let alone 4! You may start to think that i m lazy about that all the time but seriously not! Seriously, not always!! And, as you understand that is nothing wrong with preparing our sandwiches unless someone else does make them ready for us, including mums:)

So, i took some fruits for all of us but nothing for breakfast. The result was not unexpected: i ate 'simit' as we all did! i think that is enough for daily confession!

Now, i can start why super markets are convenient. In these days, it seems like we are running out of time. We always have something to do which forces us to be multitasking, quick, planned.. and more stressed!! Therefore, we want to make our lives less stressed which lead us to do shopping from supermarkets. They are everywhere, they are open till 10pm(in istanbul, in Tilburg it was only till 6pm:S), they have variety of products, they have facilities to pay easier etc.. It seems logical to you, to me also.. sometimes...

Therefore when Slow Food Lady said that 'i m trying to do my shopping from supermarkets to tell them 'You are not selling this and that which is better for our health'!' 'They should not tell us what we can eat but we should tell them what we want to have!!' At that point i was about to cry!!

i was about to cry because on the one hand i would like to change all chain where producers can benefit more and not only the end sellers, on the other hand i know that you can not change the system totally so at least we can make easier for people to reach organic food.

Lessons to be learned:

1) Do not try to be hero!! (it was supposed to be inner voice)
2) Be consisted with your thoughts! (it was kind of an advice)
3) Do not sleep less that 7 hours a day!!! (it ends up with 12 hours of sleeping at the end)