Wednesday, October 6, 2010

No Packed Food, OCTOBER! 6th (visible organic!!)


Today, in the morning, i met with my dear, crazy, creative friend Ra! BUT! There was a little problem: Where can we have a breakfast which i still could be packed-free?

Actually, my plan was to have a breakfast at home with 'my' cheese, 'my' tomatoes, 'my' cucumber, 'my' roomy's mum-made jam.. Unfortunately there is no 'my' butter or 'my' honey:( Still, i was sure that i could have a breakfast at home and accompany my friend Ra with cup of tea! As usual, my plan planned itself and decided to make me stay in bed 5x10 min more.. Well, i do not regret:)

Therefore, we searched for a place at school in which i can do my best about the unpacked! At the end, i ate kind of pastry but they are almost homemade(hopefully) and drink 2 cubs of tea. Cubs are paper-cubs and i used the same cub for my 2nd time. It was the best thing i could do!

However, i realized one more time that it is really not easy to find what you want when it comes to organic/more sustainable/biological (however you call it) food! That is why my first question to Slow Food Lady was 'Where can you get your foods?'. i knew that there are 2 organic markets but there are far away.. even for İstanbul's standarts, 'cos normally if you say 'close' to somewhere, it means 30 min by bus! So think twice when i say 'far'! Even i think that i can do that once a week, sometimes plans simply does not work.. Therefore i was a bit desperate about finding 'healthy' food!

Then, she came up with a unexpected solution: market chains! Of course i knew that, in some super markets you may find organic food, but somehow it seemed sooo 'business' to me. Since i was a perfect listener (special thanks to dear Si), she kept telling us why she did her shopping from super markets or macro centers. That markets are just origin of our easy-lives. So, she is not against that kind of marketing! The more people see organic, the more they are aware of non-organic!!

Lessons to be learned:

1) i desperately need to find organic honey! Otherwise i ll compansate this with bread as i did till now!!
2) Markets can be part of the deal!
3) Do not let your plans organize you! it should be in the other way around!!


PS: i ll tell more about why markets are more convenient!
PSS: Tomorrow's topic: Does it matter where you buy your foods? Producers!!