Sunday, October 3, 2010

No Packed Food, OCTOBER! 3rd(Organic market!)


As i told you yesterday, i want to write a bit about organic food!

Before i started to write, i thought about what i could write here. i can write that organic food market in Turkey is growing. (can not stop my managener-side!) In big market chains you can see organic-labeled foods. As i told you, there are also open markets who sell only organic foods(and other products) even though there are not many and probably only in BIG CITIES(i m sure you know what i mean with 'BIG' if you have ever visited İstanbul!) Of course, that is understandable pattern of supply, since organic products are more expensive! i do not mean that wealth of big cities is at a higher level than small ones, but the chance of finding right segment in big cities is higher. i ll write about that part later! Last thing that i write about 'market' is that market chains mark there is a growing demand for organic products. System supports it or at least started to support it with its tools like chains which will cause to rise in awareness.

Other than market conditions, i realized that only thing that i know about organic foods is that they are 'healthier', but how? As probably all of us have heard that there is no chemical fertilizer that can accumulate in our bodies. Also they are not genetically modified organisms(GMO), so we can feel safer.(GMO will be another topic!) Then i think this is all what i know about organic food! Therefore, i decided to search for conditions and requirements of having an organic food label. Yes, i have just decided and i m soooo curious about the findings!!

Ohh! i forgot to 'report' : i have not consumed any of these which i wrote on the list.. Did i write that 'chewing gum' is also included??

Lessons to be learned:

1) food=food(Irrational buyer) life=life (OPUS) life=food (Slow Food Lady)
2) When your mum says 'Do not think about it!', think twice about not to think.. and take it serious :P