Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Shopping-free SEPTEMBER, 29th(end?start?)


This is the last post for this month, but do not worry! i ll write you if i did any shopping today or tomorrow(i m sure this day is tomorrow somewhere in US)! For today, i did not do shopping! BUT!! i had a graduation gift from my lovely/wise adviser/ listener! Sorry guys! i did not wait for 2 more days to wear that neclace... Somethings cannot be postponed!

Besides, neclace was not the only present that i got from her! i had great dinner also. Salad rocks!!!! And i should not forget to thank my little brother and my caring uncle. This was sooo not forgettable.

This was a good day, still is! Because, i have just send an application to this festival thanks to my dear M. He called me few hours ago to say that today could be the last day to apply! This is a festival in Norway. Check it out if you like, 'cos it seems like they gave us one more day to think! If i & M ll be there, you ll know every detail for sure. (Ssshhh!! Do not scream! Everybody is sleeping! at least here:)

And tomorrow...will be a looong day! Slow Food Lady and i and my roomy will meet and discuss Slow Food Movement! i am planning to write you about interview which i -again- am planning to make. If it will not be an interview, it will be something that you are going to be surprised!! Wait for it(Barney effect)!!

Lessons to be learned:

1) Enjoy your day!! So.. keep reading this blog:))
2) Let your roomy to know that you are not going to be at home for few days before you already arrive there!
3) Say 'Thanks!' to your friends/family.. and good bye to Nutella!