Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Shopping-free SEPTEMBER,1st

Yes,i did it!I did not buy any single clothes today!!can u imagine,i did it!!

ok,of course i am kidding:)) It was an easy day for my experiment. It was easy because I had almost no time to look around! Probably,it will not be that easy when my friend Jasmin will come in 33 hours. I am saying this,because the more you are exposed to shopping places, the more you buy things!

Since Jasmin will be in Istanbul for the first time, we will walk a lot(which is the part i like most and the part my roomy wants to kill me:)and we will see great places. However,it will come with its consequences: we will see e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g!

There is no place that you can escape from seeing all these shops. To be honest, I am not shopping addicted(means this months challenge is not going to be the hardest). Although i say i am not addicted, i bought 3 pairs of shoes just before i had started my shopping-free september. i confess this to explain(actually to myself)what happened! I went to the shopping mall to meet my friend Ra. It was to see her in the beginning, but at the same time i was thinking to find a pair of shoes which i looked for soo long and Ra is one of the best to find whatever you need! i chose one pair and seller said there is a 50% discount if i want to buy second pair! These are the words that shouldnot be said! I found myself searching for another one!!! and it didnot take too long for me to find it..

I am not going to tell the 3rd pair's story and thanks in advance if you keep reading till here:)

i realized one more time that you cannot prevent people from buying things. Because, it is the system that pushes consumption and we have been exposed to that for looong time, but i also think we can see that another way is possible: we can buy LESS!at least less than 3 pairs..

Probably, i ll write more about that consumption issue and i ll buy NOTHING during this month,hopefully in next months as well:))

we will see..