Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Let's dream!

Today I want to write about something which I should have written 2 days ago!Don't worry, I am not an alien(which I would like to see 'respect' on your faces if I was:P)

2 months ago, I am informed about a website http://www.generation-europe.eu/ by my room-mate.(You will hear her name a lot..)Currently they want us to dream about our sustainable future.We tell about our green enterprise and one working day in 2025.'What is the purpose of our company?What is the output?How is our office?Our atmosphere in the office?How is our building?etc etc.'

So let's start dreaming!!I ll write this in present form to feel that I have already had all..(Donot make fun of me,I can hear that you are laughing!!)

First of all,my company will be a consultancy company which is not surprising. Our mission is to make 'all' firms sustainable as much as possible.We are checking their supply chain, encouraging them to buy resources from their local area to lessen their carbon footprint caused by transportation, to reduce their waste by less packaging. We analyze their energy use and provide them with tailor-made solutions about how to use less energy.Also,in water management,we have distinguished and experienced workers!Further, recycling and reuse are not the hot topics for the firms,because I hope these will be already solved problems.Btw, since it is business(and unfortunately not wonderland),we serve our firms who wants to be more sustainable on the topic they want to focus. As I mentioned, it can be energy,water or waste management,or corbon emission reduction.

About our office!!I believe that if you don't respect your work,nobody else doesn't.Therefore, people who are working in my office need to be environmalists by heart.To start with our building,it has zero carbon emmision,and we are so open to be investigated about that.('cos in2025,there will be environment-auditing companies which calculate carbon emmision and check if there is any mismatch with your target and real case.)We produce our own energy with solar panels(it was the best option among others since the area we live has sunny weather for more than half of the year)and photovoltic glasses used in windows.All materials we buy have been labeled as 'green' and not 'greenwashed'!!We are not using paper for reporting,we have a computer based system to provide efficient information flow.For waste we produce,we have recycle bins and composting facility.

And here is the most important part:PEOPLE!Believe it or not,none of our workers use their private cars to come to office. They either have house close to office-so,they come on foot, or use public transpotation or our shuttle service. Coming to work by car is not sign of wealth and therefore,noone competes to have better car to show 'rest of the world'!It is not only about cars but consumption habits overall.

Everyone is aware of the culture of sharing!It happens at all levels. Each project group has round table meetings during the process and any person in that project can propose to have a meeting, no matter if s/he is the most experienced or the new comer.It is important for us to know that everyone is comfortable about sharing ideas. There will be opportunities to come up with new ways to work on a project. However, we also believe in experiences.That is why every project has its own project leader.Project leader is also responsible to schedule working hours. It can change depending on which you are working on.(For example if you work with a manufacturing company,you may want to observe energy use in night shift once in a week.)Therefore,working hours may be flexible.

Yes!It seems like my dream work!

PS:Today is the first day of Shopping-free September!!