Sunday, September 19, 2010

Shopping-free SEPTEMBER, 19th(organic&C!)


Today, in the morning, i realized that i did not mention if i bought something in last 2 days. NO!! i also did not buy anything today. It was not a big deal as i already told. This was what i thought as a 'modest' person until my close & honest & helpfull & funny &..(this list gets longer)friend said to me it was not even a small deal!! Other then feeling smaller than the deal, i felt that i need to experience more radical challanges. Ok... This also was what he suggested me to do!!

What can be a real challange for me? i hope to find it soon. You can suggest me something also. If you won t, i m sure one of my friends will do. They have already become sooo creative:))

Other than this, my same friend C gave me very good news: He found Eco-sinner's pdf format after searching for it for an hour... or more:) This means you are going to listen stories from the book soon!! Meanwhile, i m going to do some research about 'energy harvesting'. Yes, this was also his idea and not mine . Are you happier now?!!

Now, i can start writing about my first visit to 'organic food market'! Yesterday, i went to 2 open markets. First one was a regular open market i am used to going. Because, it is close to my home so i can go there on foot. No oil-based transportation- check! It is cheaper- check! It is fresher than the ones which are sold in market chains- check! You come face to face with sellers who are also -most of the times- producers- check! These are all good for me. About 'organic open market', prices were a bit higher but not as much as i expected to see. This is summer term, so i think it is normal to see lower prices in all markets- check! You come face to face with 'all' producers=sellers- check! You do not use plastic bags, 'cos they give you everything in paper bags- double check! Taste of tomatoes in organic market is greater and equal to taste of tomatoes in regular open market- check!

Only bad thing about going to organic market is that i need to take the bus :S i do not know if i can go to organic market every saturday..but you know how sensitive i am about tomatoes:P