Monday, September 13, 2010

Shopping-free SEPTEMBER, 13th (available..)


i m still thinking about 'needs' and it seems like it will take a bit more time before writing it. Sometimes, i m thinking if i am too young to be an 'environmentalist'! i m kidding:))

Then today, i ll write about how things are extra 'available'. Yesterday, i and my roomy and my other very close friend 'H' and another one, 'M' and.. ok we all were talking to each other by using every possible communication tools. Some of us were online on FB, some were on Skype, on gtalk, on MSN and i was talking only to my roomy, she is a great organizer. it is called networking=)) Coming back to our topic, we were talking about how things are changing in Turkey and i suddenly found myself talking about how tomatoes are different from the ones that my sustainable mum had eaten when she was a kid! And i should say my mum is not an old lady. Then, i kept talking about how future generations will remember or know tomatoes? will tomatoes have same taste? Will they find any tomatoes or will all tomatoes be in the form of ketchup?

Then, i could not help myself thinking about why this is too hard to tell people that 'nothing is unlimited'? (i didnot start crying, there was no rain and no soundtrack at the background!)Actually, answer was simple: because everthing is available! You probably never had problem to find tomatoes in the open market, in grocery stores, in markets where you daily shop, in your fridge.. It is not only about tomatoes: meat=burger, potatoes=chips, chocolate= chocolate(in every form!)..
So whenever we want to have something, only thing we need is 'unit of exchange=money'! We don't see the process of production, don't know what happens if rain just decides not to fall anymore? And rain is not the only necessity :S

Yes, then my roomy tried to make me calm down. She said loudly that it is the way it is. And she probably said silently that she needed to move asap :)

i didnot buy anything, btw!!