Sunday, September 5, 2010

Shopping-free SEPTEMBER,5th(100 things)

Before writing about my experiment, i want to say one thing: i always feel happy and lucky about people who are around me. and now, i even feel happier and luckier!

Today, when i come home from visiting historical places with J and a new friend i have just met today, i saw a mail in my inbox from Ra. it was a mail about web site which had mounted campaign to make people question their life styles. How? By suggesting them to choose 100 'things' to lead their lives. Things have wide range from pencil to cosmetic products. Can a person do that? May or may not be.. Number of products is not important, but knowing or at least thinking about how much we have is. (i ll write more about that later,how people get used to live with just 100 things?)

Then, another mail from my roomy. She sent me my essay about my dream job in corrected form.(she may need to work on my blog posts also:) Moreover than that, she has encouraged me to write more about my environment 'obsession',eventhough she knows that she will need to deal with more obsessive form of me!!

And guess what! My dear friend F sent me a link on msn about an environment company's recruitment process. Can't say that he loves environment more than everything, but he knows what being a friend means:)

Today, i did not buy anything but received many thing from my friends!!Thanks a looott!!