Friday, September 3, 2010

Shopping-free SEPTEMBER,3rd(old days)

Yes, Jasmin is here and we went to Taksim where you can find almost any type of clothes and shoes and accesorize..and i didnot buy anything.(but doesnot mean that we didnot spend money:dinner was delicious!)So, i m still on my work.

Other than that,i wrote yesterday that there is a difference between the time when i was in my hometown and in my uni. Last three weeks can explain a lot. i have spent 21 days in my hometown. There was no internet at home. Therefore, i was not checking my mails 5 times a day, i was not doing anything related to internet,i was not searching for blogs, i was not chatting with my friends online(some of them was necessary so i had to go to cafe to connect to internet,but since it is not available all the, i spent much less than 'normal' times). instead,i read books(seems like i m a real nerd,i wish i would be:),went for walking for at least one hour, spent time in the sea for 3 hours,helping mum with housework(listening my russian lessons during that), talking to mum. There was no internet so i was aware that i can not check my mail all the time. There was no opportunity cost of swimming or reading book or talking to mum,because i couldnot use that time by searching on the internet. Mind was clear and never felt tired. Then i came back! i was so happy to have an internet connection at home. i started to spend hours and hours. i stopped walking, there was no possibility to swim any more. Mum was not next to my room so we lessened our talking time. Then i started to do almost nothing. However, i felt soo tired and even wasnot able to read a line from the book. i admit one more time that i should decrease hours that i spend online.

One more thing,i should say! Every meal that i had in my hometown was homemade,thanks to mum(i am not proud of saying that. Starting from next month,we are going to prepare our meal together with my roomy. she doesnot know it yet:). Every vegetable was from local market and i also didnot buy any packed snack. Normally, i like eating sweet,and it is still normal. but: i was eating more fruits when i was in my hometown. it was totaly a healthy life style..and also more sustainable.

i ll tell you what money meant to me when i was a kid next time..or later!

We are going to open market tomorrow with Jasmin! You would be worried if you knew what open market is in Istanbul.

until soon, cheer up everybody!!