Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Shopping-free SEPTEMBER, 8th(Joy&100 things website)

i ,at the end, found web page of 100 things challenge!! here it is :
You'd better to visit the web site to see what the rules are, to make a comment or to show your friends! Accept it people: it would be fun!!

After checking web site, i had answers for some of my questions about kitchen tools, some items which should count in groups, bed, books, gifts etc. It doesnot seem impossible to me. He already did and i am sure there are some people who have already been living in that way. So,it seems like it will definitely be one of my challanges!!
and i already found a partner other than R: JOY! Joy has already joined Shopping-free September and ,as she wrote in her blog she is doing more: she is going to wear something which was used before! Time to dig our mum's wardrobe!!(i found a lot from mine:)

About today: We were in Grand Bazar with J and.. i only helped her to choose some souvenirs for her family and friends. You know what that means, i did it!! Btw, i may not be writing for the next 2 days since i ll not be at home, but when i ll be back, i ll inform you about what i didnot buy:)) and since we started to talk about mums, i ll tell you my sustainable mum:))

Cheers!!(i am still soo happy)