Monday, September 20, 2010

Shopping-free SEPTEMBER, 20th(what did not i do today?!)


Today, i did not buy anything! i know you were not surprised. Me neither!

What else i did not do today?
i did not use plastic bag! (BAG IT!)
i did not use dryer for laundry! (Actually, we do not have a dryer.)
i did not leave my PC plugged! (Turning off is not enough since PC's and all electronic appliances start consuming energy at the time they are plugged in.)
i did not use more than 100 things!(Probably, going to be my next challange)
i did not leave lamps switched on! (My roomy complained a bit, 'cos i did not see her while she was still in the room!)
i did not keep water flaw while brushing my teeth!(Thanks to my kindergarten teacher!)
i did not drive private car! (It does not seem possible unless i have one.)
i did not eat a lot!(My doctor told me that i m more then well-fed! One more reason to go to doctor. They make you greener!)

One more important thing about today: i felt LUCKY again thanks to my friend M! He sent me this movie's link: BAG IT!! i am looking forward to watching it as soon as it ll be released. This movie is about a guy who decided not to use plastic bag at all. As he tells, you can not imagine how much it can change your life. i am sure i ll write about it when i see the movie! Since i am informed about movie and am informed by my dear friend M, i feel myself 2 times luckier!!

And one more: i met my roomy's great instructor who couraged me about biking. She is going to show me less dangerous way to ride my bike:)) Let s see, if i ll keep walking or start biking. i am sure you get really, sooo, veerrryy excited:P i feel 3 times luckier!!

And one more: i learned a bit more about 'energy harvesting' which my friend C suggested me to search and my cousin Ci explained how it works. i feel 4 times luckier! But, sometimes i feel like i would be nothing without people close to me. i am sorry to be right about that:))