Thursday, September 2, 2010

Shopping-free SEPTEMBER,2nd(opportunity cost)

One more day passed and i still didnot buy anything. i know it seems funny since it has been just 2 days that i started my experiment(btw,i don t like calling it as experiment,but i couldnot find better word to say!!roomyy,help!!). However, today was an important day in terms of my experiment, 'cos i went to shopping mall. Not because i like hard, but because my cousin G needed to go there and i wanted to walk. (yes,i didnot use any kind of fossil-based transportation,proud!) i just looked at them, they looked at me, sorry, i m losing my track sometimes while wiriting!!
Nothing happened as i already said at the beginning.

Today,i want to write about something that i have just watch. i highly recommend you to watch that video.
Barry Schwartz: Paradox of choice

He tells about how we become that miserable because of the choices we make. He basicly says, 'Normally,the more option we have, the more freedom we get, the happier we are. But we are not in normal times any more:)' Since we have more option, we always think about the other option we didnot choose, which is called opportunity cost(opportunity cost is not the thinking part,it is other option part:) There is also, 'escalation of expectations' as he named it. We were satisfied with less when there were not that many option. And lastly, we blame ourselves not to find the best option. These make us unhappy.

and why is this related to me? options!! Yes, i like having options then i feel like 'yes, i did!' but i think sometimes i feel like 'Mum,can you make the decision for me?'. (I ll tell more about my 'sustainable' mum! yes i am older than the age which i said 'mum, do you think you know everything?!!')

When i was 7, it was already obvious which school i was going to attend,which classes i was going to take. and it was the same when i was 12..when i was 15..even when i was 17. The 'best' schools and 'best schools' were not secrets!You work for it, and you are there. obvious target!

Then i started uni and everything changed. thanks to our adaptation ability, i didnot have hard time to overcome that different situation where we had to make so many choices.(i can hear my roomy's voice from far far away. she is saying 'Maybe, you wouldnot think that there are so many options if you had chance to make your choices since you were 7!'. For now, it is out of topic:) i ll tell you what are the differences between the life that i had when i was in my hometown and the one that i have now. Moreover, i knew that it was just the beginning. Now, i am a graduate student and i observe also from many friends that we have choices even more than before.We are afraid of making wrong choices that can make us feel miserable.
It is the same about shopping. Let's turn to my shoes. Now, i am writing a scenerio not a real case. I went to buy a pair of shoes. i choose one and i saw another one seems better than the one i liked. One is better looking one is comfortable. Regardless of my choice, i would be unsatisfied, 'cos i already saw the other one! i can't behave like i didnot see it. (My solution to that problem is to ignore that 'evil' pair, means i can behave.)

I was shocked when one of my professors said that when she was at our age she had only 2 pairs of shoes. probably she was also not happier than we are. Then there should be a point in between.

Today's lesson to learn: Black and white seems cool,but gray is optimum :)