Monday, September 6, 2010

Shopping-free SEPTEMBER,6th(later..)

Today i can say it directly: i didnot buy anything! i mean any clothes. However, i m eating a lot.. i have some plans about that,but still need to wait for couple weeks!

Other than that, as i told you people can live with only 100 things. and there is an explanation about that which i said i ll tell later. Later comes! The reason behind that is our adaptation capability. When we decide or have to take something off from our lives, it becomes normal about that. reverse is possible too. when we buy something new, it loses its speciality and become normal.

There is a problem for an era of ours: we are told that the more we buy the happier we are. According to article(of which i ll give the link), it depends on what you buy! if you buy 'stuff', it doesnot make you happier. however, if you buy 'experience', it is different. Because in the 2nd one, you know that it is not imitable, and you don t compare it to others and there is no 'old version of experience'!

So, if you are dedicated to spend you money, go to theatre/museum(roomy!don t cry!!), do extreme sports(just sports is acceptible:), spend time with friends. or combine them!!

and have fun!!