Saturday, September 18, 2010

Shopping-free SEPTEMBER, 18th(without the hot air and mum!!)


i told you that my mum is 'sustainable'. i mean the way she lives. However, she is not a big fan of sustainability. You know, when you are born with something, it comes so normal to you that you do not need to be a fan:)) It is mum!! BUT!! She does not want me to be that sustainable!!

i ll tell you how sustainable i am that caused my mum to say me 'You are not allowed to be 'sustainable'!!' As you all know -hopefully- i am trying to find something for every month to lead more sustainable life. Well, Shopping-free September was just the beginning. Hope you do not mind!! So i have been thinking about which one of the followings can be my next challenge: 1- Only organic food diet 2- Only 100 things to live with 3- Meat-free month.. 'Meat-free' were the last words that my mum let me say!! To be honest, i do not think that i ll ever be able to be a vegetarian and i am sincerely sorry about that. However, the point was not what i felt, it was how mum reacted! She suggested me to have a challenge month of 'not thinking at all' and she did not forget to say 'It has already started to take 40 minutes until you finish your sentence!' That was the end of discussion. However, meet-free month challange is still on my list.

After making our relationship -me and mum- publicly known, there is the thing that i said i ll tell about the book 'Without the Hot Air' . In the book, David MacKay questions if there is enough energy produced by renewable energy sources comparing to our energy consumption. The answer is in the book. (You are going to hate me unless you already did!!) While reading that book, you are going to find not only usefull information as well as comparisons, but also the funny and useful way to calculate your possible energy consumption. Of course, there would be some differences between your energy consumption and calculations based on your habits and the region where you live since it deals with UK.

Last words... i am going to write about my 'organic open market' visit tomorrow!! It will be 'delicious'!


PS : Sister D, you are exempt from reading my next post.
PSS: Everybody else, do not worry! It is not going to hurt:)