Sunday, September 26, 2010

Shopping-free SEPTEMBER, 25th & 26th(what if!!)


Sorry for the delay but i m not going to write about eco-labeling. Today was a tough day. Not because i am sooo atracted by a shirt or shoes or necklace or all, but i did thought. You know it happens sometimes!

Yesterday, i received a kind mail from Slow Food Lady that next week in some day we could have tea together: i, my roomy and Slow Food Lady. This was one of the good news. The other good news is that we are going to have 'tea'. Probably, you do not know: i am tea addicted. Till here, i was a normal person except of drinking liter of tea everyday.

After that, i started to think how we are affected by the conditions we live in. This can sound weird to you. i mean it seems like a basic question that every 4-year-old kid can ask or answer. (My intention is not to offend kids who are 4 or under 4.) However, sometimes due to lack of imagination or memory, we do not think what it can mean. Yes, i know it started to be a meaningless writing.. BUT!! Here is my point:

When i am at home with my sustainable mum, we have our meals at home. Meals are home-made, actually mum-made. We are going out for some special occasions like to celebrate something or for something that we can not cook at home and believe me there is not too many things that mum can not cook. Therefore, i can say there is almost no fast food in my life when i am with mum. To make it clear, i would like to explain what kind of meals we have at home. First of all, we do not fry everyting. Neither burgers nor coke are part of our daily diet. We have cooked vegetables sometimes mixed with meat(can be chicken or red meat) and have always salad. Moreover, we do not buy everything in packages. It was a shocking moment for me to see salads-ready to eat- in packages. And ready to eat soups.. When i say ready to eat, i mean it! You just need to heat up. You do not need to cut all ingredients, to boil the water, to mixed them, to stir till they get ready.. NO!! You just need to put them in the microwave and here it is! When did we become that lazy??

i know you started to say 'But you do not have a kid, you do not have a house to 'run', you do not have a full time job(btw, how do you know that i do not have a full time job!!)'etc... You may be right.. or you just accept everything as it comes. People survived when they do not have ready-to-eat soup! i am not saying that we need to live as our hunter-gatherer ancestors had lived. i do not think that i could live in such a patriarchal society also. Again i hope you heard my sarcastic laughter about modern-patriarchal society!!

BUT!! What if we were born ,not 3000 years but 10 years earlier? Could we still talk about how hard life would be without ready-to-eat soup?

Lessons to be learned:
1) Mums are lovable!
2) Try living with not-ready-to-eat meals!!
3) Do not judge people according to their occupation: i could have been a full time worker!!!