Monday, September 27, 2010

Shopping-free SEPTEMBER, 27th(good things!)


Today was a good day! Not only because i did not buy anything, but also 'cos i received a mail from my friend L... from erasmus!! Few days ago, i sent mails to some of my friends from erasmus to tell them that i started to write a blog about my environmental challanges. Actually, this was the main reason that is why i write this blog in english and not in my own language: i wanted my foreign friends to read my blog also. No!! Right sentence should be: i wanted to force my foreign friends to read my blog also:)) What can i say? i have been a very very good good student in Management!! So, PR forever:)

Yes! Then my dear friend L replied me back saying me that she liked it(i can't keep myself sharing with you like a Marshall sharing 'baby-on-board' in How i met your mother!). BUT!! More important than this, she also had good news for environment and the community! Here is what she told me. Unfortunately, this is in Danish, but still you may want to have a look! Google translate helps! The idea here as she shared with us that this is a project about to have 'affordable, ethical and tasty vegetables and fruit:)' (exactly in her own words! Is not it a-ma-zing?)

Ok! Let s make it more clear. Sometimes, i behave like you already saw what she sent to me. However, you did not unless you are a fan and also a hacker!! In that organization, people spend 3 hours in a month to produce organic, local fruits and vegetables and have right to buy in cheaper price in return. It started in Copenhagen and they ,as part of the project, extend it to Amager! She, unlike me, is too modest saying that she is not the most active one.

Now, you see what is a-ma-zing!! This seemed to me as a really good project, since: it enables people to see where our foods come from, to understand it needs too much effort to make them ready for us to eat, to work together, to see there can be local and organic fruits and vegetables with an affordable price.. And it seems like it is going to be i bigger project! You see, just one step.. or maybe we should say one BIG step we need to go forward. Then we become Ussain Bolt! (Am i exagerating again?!)

Btw, L was the person who introduced 2nd hand store in Tilburg to me. It was my first time to visit 2nd hand store. i was sooooo, tooooo, veeerryyy impressed!! i m sure i am going to tell about it also. Do you think i am too talkative/ writative?!

Lessons to be learned:

1) Internet is not the only way to communicate with people, and Farmville is not the only place that you can produce something! (i know it sounds weird when 'i' say this:P)
2) Go to 2nd hand store and be impressed!! (good feeling!)
3) There is not such a word like writative! Do not believe everything you see!!!


PS: You can believe me:)