Friday, September 24, 2010

Shopping-free SEPTEMBER, 23rd & 24th(Book cycling and the map!!)


Yesterday and also today, i did not buy anything but pastry.

After sharing that very important piece of my life(!), i can start telling you what my friend S told me about book cycling. He was told by Hungarian friend -or by a person who have lived in Hungary for some reason, i am not sure about the reason, could be anything including Erasmus!- that there was a system that you can buy the book which you can return after reading. Financial part of that process works in that way: You pay the entire price of a book. When you finish it, you return the book to the store which they pay you back but keep small amount as a rent service. If you do not use the book properly, for instance you tear some pages or spill your coffee over the book, you are not paid back. What if you like the book and want to buy it? Did you forget?? You already bought the book!! So, just keep it:) Then you can live happily ever after...

Meanwhile, i m still searching for my new challange. BUT! i made a big step towards it by sending a mail to one of the activists of Slow Food Action in Turkey. i ll tell you who, if i have a chance to meet her and ask her for her permission. You see how respectful i am about the borders... and modest, but probably you have already noticed it ;)

So, for tomorrow, i ll write about slow food, or maybe i can postpone it till the time i ll be sure about my new challange. Yes, then tomorrow, i ll write about eco labeling. i guess i need to learn what it is before i start writing:)

Lessons to be learned:
1) You can live happily ever after with a book!
2) You can have one night stand with a book, also!!
3) And do not mess up with food!!!