Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Shopping-free SEPTEMBER, 28th(we got a mail!!)


Today, we got a mail from Slow Food Lady and guess what!! We -i and my roomy- will go to meet her on Thursday!!! i am happy:)

Then this means, i am going to set my new challange as... No Packed Food OCTOBER! BUT!! It seems like it is going to be a goooood challange, real challange, challange-challange! You may think why i think like that. Let me explain(i do not know why i am asking this every time as if you can say 'no')! Today, my very good friend from high school B came home and we spent hours full of thinking and sharing... Of course one of the topics we talked about was my blog. You surprised, right? i am sure you did! So, we started to think what we can do to live without packed food. Without chocolate in package, chips in package, snacks in package, pasta in package, milk in package, nutella in package, soda in package, tea in package, soy sauce in package, cereals in package, yogurt in package.. Ok i m not going to tell more about my eating habit, you already notice that is not that healthy.

Btw, after thursday, i ll be at home with my sustainable mum and not that sustainable sister:)) So for 4 days, it could either be easy or seriously hard! Because, even mum is sustainable, there are many dangerously delicious dishes that i can hardly resist. But deal is deal!! i trust myself!!

Lessons to be learned:

1) Psychology classes help me to motivate myself! Hollywood teaches more about making you feel hero:P
2) Do not eat junk food! It can be hard to quit if you want to be an environmentalist one day!
3) Do not bother your friends with your blog page. Can be dangerous!!