Thursday, September 23, 2010

Shopping-free SEPTEMBER, 22nd(challange or what?)


Sorry, i could not write yesterday. Instead, i went for a walk with my dear friend F's close friend S from Erasmus, to our university which is one of the greenest universities in Turkey. Better than that, it will be greener after the project that we are working on currently. i ll tell about the project later a lot. For now, i d like to keep it as a surprise.

BTW, i did not do shopping yesterday! Do not send the flowers to my room for congradulation. i like them when they are in their habitat:))

Yes, as i said i am still thinking about my next challange. The day before yesterday when we met with my dear friends C(yes, the one that you have already known), G, M, Gü and my roomy, that helped me about my new possible/potential/'future' challanges. C sugested me to collect ,let say, 500 glass bottle and carry them to recycle center. It can also be plastic bottles or cans. At first, i thought it would be le-gen-dary(i want How i met your mother to start!!Barney rocks!!!), but then i need to check if it is legal. Because, as far as i know there is kind of law which says all waste belongs to municipalities. We ll see. Another challange would be, again by C and supported by Gü, to convince primary school teachers and directors to talk 10 min during the class and inform them about what it could be done to get greener. i ll think about it also.

Enough for talking about my challanges. i ,even i am not an expert, want to write a bit about energy harvesting. you can reach more info from here, wikipedia. Start point here is that, we are surrounded by many type of external energy. Other than sun, wide, tide kind of renewable sources, there is energy from radiowaves from our aplliances like TV satellite, cellphones, PC's as well as kinetic energy produced by our body movements or energy from body temprature.. However, these energy types sometimes can not be coverted efficiently to energy that we can use for large power demanding machines, instead they can be used for small appliances. As i told, it is not my major so i am not an expert but it seems soo interesting to me. Can you imagine how large amount of energy just goes(i do mean not it dissappears. it would be disrespectfull to thermodynamic:) without functioning?

Actually, i had one more thing to tell but i decided to write it tonight! Thanks my friend F's erasmus friend S who is also my friend now -getting complicated!- for telling me about different system for book cycling which will be the next subject!!

Lessons to be learned:

1) If you have a chance, go to Erasmus!! Fun is guaranteed as well as friendship.
2) Energy is everywhere!!