Sunday, September 12, 2010

Shopping-free SEPTEMBER, 9th-10th-11th&12th(bike)


i could not have written for 4 days, but as i told, i had no internet. You know what happens when i have no internet. Though, i had not bought anything. i am also proud that i kindly refused to 'take' -not buy- my aunt's earrings. she got really surprised and said me that i can use them after that month:)

To be honest, i don't believe that i can reach to the point where i can ignore my 'consumer' side totally. i wish i could be Mevlana or Gandhi, but i am not. On the one hand, it is because i am not that wise. But, on the other hand, needs of that day is a bit different from today's. or is it so?

i was thinking about it today, and i decided to understand what are the things i call as need. i ll write about it soon. Hopefully, i am not going to have a giant list of needs!!

Today, i would like to write about my passion.. BIKE!! i had been in Tilburg, Holland for 4 months.. heaven for riding a bike. (Besides it was sooo special for me,since i had my first bike ever in there!!) That was a great experience. Seeing 5-year-old kids, 70-year-old teenagers, students, business men, mums, dads riding their bikes, not caring any weather part, i may be exaggerating , but other than that, these are all true!! However, Dutch people are also lucky about infrastructure. You can find bike roads in every road. You can be sure that you are not hit by a car.(But you can not be sure that your bike is in safe! Don't forget to lock your bike!!) You never feel like you are a mountain biker!(i mean it is good thing. You don t need to have strong muscles to ride:) Every street has traffic lights for bikes. Parking facilities are unimaginably great. LEGENDARY!!
Why did i tell you this? Because, as i said you i decided to have a bike. However, all people who care me are soo worried about that. i can't blame them. Read everything that i wrote about Tilburg and add 'not' in every sentence.(it may be gramatically wrong but you got the point:P) Besides, you can not be sure about safety of your bike!

i havenot decided yet but sometimes, although you want to be more environment-friendly, 'things' don't let you!(but i still have some plans about this!wait for it!!)

Hope to come up with new solution..