Friday, September 17, 2010

Shopping-free SEPTEMBER, 16th(eco-sinner continues!)


Today, somehow, our internet just decided not to work. That is why i m going to post it a day later. i ll save this as a word document for now. i do not know why i am explaining it to you. Probably because i would like to say, this was not my idea, it was my roomy’s! Or maybe i m trying to show myself how passionate i am about writing. (i wish you could hear sarcastic laughter:)

To say it at first, i did not buy anything today. Actually, i just went out to pay the bills and to buy some vegetables. Vegetables were from market and were not organic. Even though i didnot buy organic foods, i read a lot about them today. i am planning to go to open 'organic' market on Saturday. Then, i ll see if there is a huge price difference between organic and non-organic foods. i ll write about it later.

Today, i would like to keep writing about interview with Fred Pearce. This is the second part of the interview, and earned my respect as much as the first one. However, while reading it, i realized one more time that environmental friendly decisions cannot be made without considering social justice. Wow, i said big words!! Let’s make it softer: environment has strong ties with social environment. In the 2nd part of the interview, there are some important points: 1) Market related problems: People are not knowledgable enough to distinguish the bad from the good. 2) Structure related problems: If we pursue more production instead of less but efficient production , it will not help environment. 3) Less developed countrys’ problems: Whether we should care about ,while deciding to buy, where it is produced(local - global) or by whom it is produced(western – less developed). I m not going to write more about interview ‘cos i am sure you are soo willing to read the whole interview unless you have already read!

I just want to say couple more words. When i read that interview, i wanted to have that book soo much since i could not find online pdf form. However, i am almost sure that i ll not be able to find it in book stores here. One solution left: i had to order it from US or UK which will cause a rise in my Carbon footprint. On the one hand, reading that book to understand more, on the other hand releasing more carbon which i try to make ‘0’.
Life had never been/ is never /will never be as concrete as ‘black and white’! Seems like i m gonna place an order for that book :)