Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Shopping-free SEPTEMBER, 14th (spending money)


One more day without shopping! Correction: without shopping for clothes. i made that correction on purpose. As i told you already, i am not that much of a shopping person(don't dare to remind me my 3 pairs of shoes)!

However, today, i realized that i m prone to buy 'something'. When i stepped out of the house ,i first wanted to buy a newsapaper which i normally read from the internet(yes, i am still reading newspaper!! See, how intellectual i am:) Then, on the way back to home, i wanted to eat something. One more correction: i first see 'çiğ köfte'(one of the most delicious food in my opinion, especially with hot spice), then i felt hungry, then i wanted to buy. Or maybe, i first wanted to buy something, then i felt hungry to justify my intention to buy.

Does it seem ridiculous to you? Makes sense for me. i ll tell you what, but there are 2 parts i guess i need to explain.(The following story is not fictional and all about me. Do not try at home!) First, i claim that system seduces us to buy. Probably, i am not the fist person who have claimed that. Moreover, it makes us addicted to spend money. Seriously! We used to spend money on goods we liked and lived with happily 'ever after'. Currently, we are going for 'shopping'. Not for specific need. Btw, need is preferable, but 'want' is also acceptible. Basically, we are going for 'spending'!! Then, this means ,just as in this case, i may want to spend money first and then feel hungry! About other part which requires explanation.. Which seems ridiculous to my roomy for sure is that i 'need to' justify my intention to buy, since it is totally contradicting with my environmentalist side. i need to buy less, i need to use less, i need to eat less. Now, you understand better why i hesitate sometimes to be 'green-er' =P

BUT ,as always, there is a 'but' part! i feel much better when i m greener. So let the sun shine for autotrophs and green heterotrophs including me!!

PS: Ok! for the rest also ..