Friday, September 24, 2010

Shopping-free SEPTEMBER, 24th(... the map!!)

Me again!!

i realized that i wrote 'the map' but did not mention about it.
So here is the story of the map:

2 months ago , my roomy promised me to buy a world map as a bday present. It seemed as a win-win game. My 'win' part was that i would have got the present that i wanted for years -there are many questions about what i did not buy it by myself still- and for my roomy's 'win' part was that i was not going to ask her about where some countries are!!
However, it did not work in the way that she wished for since i started to ask for countries which i could not find on the map where they are. i have never been sooo good at geography :S

BUT! Everything has a turning point. As i told you, i started to read 'Confessions of an Eco-sinner' by Fred Pearce and he has written in the early pages where every stuff comes from country by country. It means, now , i have reason to learn where these countries are to see how Eco-sinner i am as he discovers how he is. Yes, sometimes i am having hard times to explain myself why i am like this, why i need to find an ecological -not saying rational- reason to learn :))

The good part of that game is that it seems like i ll learn each country by heart. The bad part is i ll learn each counrty with a broken eco-heart! Because, different countries mean too much carbon release due to transportation which we support by buying it. However, it may also mean, as Fred Pearce said, we may be proud to have contributed to some local economy or given a leg up to some hard-pressed community.
i wish we did not have to 'help' these countries and had fair trade -i mean it- instead.

That was the story of a map!

Lesson to be learned:
Study geography when you are young!!