Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Shopping-free SEPTEMBER, 21st (book recycling!)


Today, i did not buy any clothes, shoes or accesories fyi.

Instead, i thought about how to decrease number of our purchases. You have already known that i believe in freecycling. Wait! 'believe' would not be the best word to explain how i feel about freecycling. Yes, i have strong feelings about 'freecycling' but sometimes ,as in all relationships, we need to have a talk! However, it is kind of monologe since freecycling do not talk to me and i am the only one who do the talking! To be honest, i do not think that one day, everyone will start not using money at all. There will not be such a system. BUT!! People can not have that much stuff. i mean technically there is no way to keep everything that you have bought unless you are Brangelina. You will need a space for 'new comers'. That point, you can start supporting freecycling!!! By doing that, you can be 'green' ,although it is just the light green.

i was not supposed to open our relationship to public. i actually start writing to tell what came to my mind. Probably, it is already done by someone, but i have not heard about that. i know you already stopped reading, but for the ones who are so patient to come that point, here is my thought: i love reading book. it is different kind of love so should not be counted as an affair.(i am distracted again!) Yes, i love books, but sometimes it is financially hard to buy all books. You may suggest me to go to library. i do go to library. However, you may have -at least i do- hard times to find lastly published books. Besides, i want to read them at the time they find their place on the bookstores' shelves. i know i want a lot, but who can blame me for being a human :P Therefore, i thought there can be a 'book section' under freecycling that people can buy only one and can exchange te book with other people. i did not go deeply about process - or maybe i did but am hiding from you:) - and i know there can be so many bugs of the system like who will decide what to buy, what happens if one person -or many people- decides not to buy but just keeps others' books, bla bla. BUT!! What if it works?!

Lessons to be learned:

1) Have a little faith in people! (More than a little is recommended!!)
2) Books are important!
3) Orgaize what you want to write 'before' writing not 'during' the writing process. (This one was just a little advise to myself, hope you did not get bored:)


PS: Tomorrow, i ll write about discussion of a next challange and hopefully energy harvesting!!