Monday, August 30, 2010

Sharing experiences

These days I m trying to find what other people do about lessening their impact environment. I am not only looking for what are the tips(this will be a topic for another day,probably lasts more than one day to write all!),but also how people apply it to their lives.
Thanks to my friend,Joy,I saw no-impact-man's web site,and i suggest you to have a look.Besides his experiment of living without electiricty,fuel-based transportation,packed products;in his website,he tries to say it to all people in a very good way!
Why I found it good?Because,he made me realized that environmental websites,before,tried to wake people up by scaring them with slogans 'there is no other world!','care about next generations!', 'your consumption is someone elses(preferably who lives in Africa)loss!' etc. To make my point more clear,I want to say that these are all and totally TRUE!As soon as we consume that much,there will be less for others.By the way,that 'others' includes humans,animals,plants who live now and will live in the future.However,there should be better way to tell people 'environment is important!'This is what he does!
He says, you are not doing this just for others,enviroment,next generations but FOR YOURSELF!!You will be healtier,happier by riding your bike,walking,buying from local market,eating fresh food,using less electricity(there will be more time for people you care if you watch TV less,and it also effect your electricity bill),buying from second hand shops!
This is a good strategy to make people believe that it is for 'theirselves'!It works in 2000s.
1 day left!