Sunday, August 29, 2010

As I begin..

"You are a management student,why are you interested in 'environment'?" was the question that I am asked, when I have applied for a job.Seems funny,right?

Yes!Why should it be related when 'executive board' of the world is the 'dirtiest'?I didnot use word 'dirty' as 'hot':)Here comes my point: I don't expect people to stop consuming for good!But have we ever tried to stop consuming,do we know how hard it is?Is it really that hard?

After asking that BIG questions,you may wonder what I did,and you are right to ask!That is why I start writing this blog.I will have a challenge for each month starting from 1st,September with SHOPPING-FREE September!I am not going to buy any clothes,accesories,shoes during September.I ll write what I am not going to do just before the next month's challenge.

Wish me good luck:)