Saturday, February 11, 2012

Ethics vs Money

When did it happen?

Reading all these articles related to project management and success criteria and so on, i sincerely wonder when money and profit became the most importanat success criteria over human.

Whenever someone writes about stakeholder engagement, they emphasize how hard to reach a consensus since all stakeholders have different priorities. Mostly the project owners/clients focus on financial gain. It does not sound that evil when i write financial gain, right? But when i write money, probably it bugs many of you... or at least i hope so. They have the same meaning!

Going back to main concern... Other stakeholders who are not directly involved in the project but effected by the outcome or the process cares other stuff. Clean air, employment, development of region, contamination, labour rights, or human rights in general... Listing the second group as such makes me feel like... Come on people! When did you stop caring those? or pessimistic side of me can paraphrase the question: Have they ever been among your concerns?

Btw, i don t want to blame all clients/project owners whatsoever. But don t you think that somethings should be above every others?

In one of the articles which i totally forgot the author's name(that explains why i always get warning about referencing), s/he says something like that: if you aim profit you mank profit, if you target sustainability then change your objectives!

Ok, enough complaining! I ll go back to academic world which i am not welcomed:D