Sunday, February 26, 2012

A guest of Ministry of Food!

Dear All,

Yesterday, i surprised myself and joined a cooking class with my very food-freak-dear Cami!

You know when you have a close friend and that close friend has a hobby which you think she d be kidding, there is only one way to do: align with that hobby and try to understand what is fun about that. This time it was cooking. You know i like having friends who like cooking:)

SO yesterday, i found myself in the middle of the city markey, sorrounded by glass walls cutting parsley, chili pepper, cherry tomatoes, slicing chicken,onions... and SMILING! it is quite a surprise ha?

Ok, guys i did my best and the result is not too bad. I did chicken fajita as everyone else did. Besides the cooking part, actually i like the idea of Ministry of Food. Jamie Oliver, darling of many including Cami and Mareke, is the founder of this ministry and his students are teaching people what is healthy, how you can cook your own meal without wasting the ingredients, how to decide what to buy etc. This ministry teaches why not to buy packed food.

Lessons to learn:

1) Give it a go!
2) Reduce packed food use as much as you can! (This is also a message from ministry of food. If you can't totally stop buying packed food, try to reduce the amount.)
3) Don't trust weather forecast and always wear your scarf in Leeds!


PS: I want to thank the old lady who were smiling at me by looking through the glass wall while i was preparing my wrap! She made my day!